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Your organisation is on the verge of a large digital transformation or may already be in the middle of it. Or, possibly, you are a pure player in the middle of the scale-up stage of transformation and you are ready to start making more scalable growth a reality. This crucial next step cannot be made without the most fitting kind of digital leadership.

You need a partner that can think along with you about a sustainable way of structuring your company. A partner that helps to build this with you by attracting the next generation of digital leaders.

In your RvC something is missing: a digital profile that knows and recognises the digital challenges of the organisation and can advise and support the board on these matters.


We have been a thought leader in the field of digital leadership for the past 18 years. We understand the challenges facing an organisation when going through the stages of digital growth and transformation.

Every stage of digital maturity demands a different type of leadership. We have built up sustainable relationships with the ‘new’ leaders and with our Executive Search service we know and connect the digital leaders at C-level, Board and MT-level who are closely involved in this digital transformation and growth, such as CEO, CCO, CMO, COO, CDO, CTO, CPTO and CIO. We also fill digital supervisory profiles.

“We understand the most important challenges when it comes to digital transformation and growth, this means we know what is required of a digital leader to be successful in every specific stage in 2024.”

Building up digital capabilities for the first time (often different from the organisation in a silo) demands a different type of leadership than the integration of said digital department into the organisation. In both situations, it is vitally important to closely examine functional expertise as well as the right type of leadership. We understand the difference in these challenges and we know what is required of a digital leader to be successful in every specific stage in 2022.

As a sparring partner and sounding board we enjoy bringing digital leaders and knowledge together. Newpeople organises several roundtables, hubs and knowledge-based events on a yearly basis such as the Digital Transformers Awards, Online Tuesday and the Newpeople Study Tour to Silicon Valley, China and Israel amongst others. This is the way in which we challenge people and organisations to continue to be at the forefront of digital, data, tech and AI developments and to understand the impact of these developments on business.


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