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Executive Search.

Gerben van den Hout

Director Executive Search

As Director of Executive Search, Gerben makes the connection between an organization's challenges and the right leadership. For years he has been binding and connecting leaders at C-level, Director level, MT level and in supervisory positions. Gerben previously worked in the financial sector, where he was at the forefront of digital transformation.

Paul van Campen

Director Executive Search

In his role as Director Executive Search, Paul makes the connection between organizations’ challenges and finding the right leader. Paul has extensive knowledge and experience in recruitment, a strong network in Human Resources and affinity with IT, and his primary goal is to connect people with highly ambitious organizations.

Herma Ober

Consultant Executive Search

As a Consultant Executive Search, Herma is involved in relationship management. With her extensive knowledge and experience in recruitment, she maintains close contact with clients to effectively fill positions at the executive level and above.

Shanice Justus

Consultant Executive Search

As an Executive Search Consultant, Shanice works on various projects aimed at development and growth. She has experience as a project manager and communication specialist in multiple companies.

Hans van Doesburg

Consultant Executive Search

As Consultant Executive Search, Hans first looks at the human aspect. People are the company. His commercial strength has always been his relational orientation. Hans brings a wealth of experience, both as an entrepreneur and from various agencies where he has worked.

Interim Solutions.

Najlae Anikad

Consultant Interim Solutions

Najlae is responsible for all interim assignments in the areas of data, product and design. As a consultant, she has an important role to advise and assist our clients in the search for the right interim professional who can quickly make an impact on the growth and development of the organization.

Michael Dors

Consultant Interim Solutions

Sean Helmus

Consultant Interim Solutions

Sean has a great passion for acquiring clients and connecting supply with demand. Thanks to his experience, he understands how to effectively explore the market and build and maintain strong relationships.

Lindell Finsy

Consultant Interim Solutions

As Consultant Interim Solutions, Lindell focuses on relationship management, identifying clients' challenges and finding the right match to their business.

Arno Jongsma

Consultant Interim Solutions

As consultant interim solutions, Arno focuses on helping organizations move forward. His extensive experience in marketing and leading organizations helps him understand client needs and translate them into appropriate solutions.

Lars de Bois

Junior Consultant Interim Solutions

Lars has a great passion for marketing within the digital world. With his experience, he knows what it takes to connect interim professionals and their strengths to the challenges facing clients.

Tyno Koelewijn

Consultant Interim Solutions

Management & Support.

Dolf Kos


Dolf Kos has been CEO of Newpeople since 2023. As the owner and founder of several companies, 'digital' is the common thread through his work life. In his work he achieves sustainable growth by matching the right professionals to growth-focused organizations.

Ben Holewijn

Founder & Advisor

As 'founding father', Ben Holewijn founded Newpeople in 2006: thè Executive Search and Interim Solutions agency. As an experienced headhunter, he has established several well-known community forums, including Online Tuesday and the Digital Transformers Awards. With the acquisition of Newpeople by Dolf Kos in 2023, Ben remains as a valued advisor.

Immelda Oord

Marketing & Communications

Imelda Oord is responsible for everything related to online and offline Marketing and Communication. Her love for processes, goal orientation, knowledge and leadership ensures that the flexible team of marketers know exactly what and why they are doing something.

Misja Heller

Finance Controller

Misja, together with Marc, is responsible for everything related to Finance at Newpeople. As Finance Controller he oversees all outgoing and incoming invoices. He also takes care of all communication with our interim professionals regarding the payment of invoices.

Marc Post

Finance Administrator

Together with Misja, Marc is responsible for everything related to Finance at Newpeople. As Finance Administrator he oversees all outgoing and incoming invoices. He also takes care of all communication with our interim professionals regarding the payment of invoices.

Margreet Teeuwissen

Event Manager

As Event manager, Margreet organizes the preparation and execution for various events at Newpeople. She has years of experience as event manager and marketing consultant, for companies such as Sales Marketing Group.

Hugo Lijzen

Marketing & Event Support

As Marketing and Event Support, Hugo works on Newpeople's marketing activities and the organization of events. He has worked in marketing for various companies, such as Audi and Experience Events.

Olaf Smit

Marketing & Event Support

Olaf takes care of marketing activities with a focus on social media and helps with the preparation and content creation for events. With his passion for audiovisual media, he ensures that content remains high-quality and varied.

Joshua van der Pol

Video Content Specialist

As a Video Content Specialist, Joshua is responsible for creating content for events. With his expertise in video production, he ensures that Newpeople's content reaches new heights.

Dajana Inkic

Digital Designer & Marketing Support

Dajana has worked with UX design and marketing, combining her creative flair with UX thinking and design. Over the years, she has collaborated with various companies and led design projects. In addition to her digital design work, she has gained valuable experience in developing and implementing comprehensive digital marketing campaigns across various platforms.

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