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About us.

We are here to drive change by humanizing digital transformation and growth for leaders in Europe.

About Newpeople

Newpeople has been a thought leader in the field of digital leadership for the past 16 years. We offer different services in executive search and interim solutions. In this, we work for organisations transitioning from ‘old to new’ which are in differing phases of the digital transformation process and we work for ‘pure players’ that started out digitally from the beginning and where growth is a key point of focus (start-ups, scale-ups and grown ups). 

Within the digital domain we work on commercial as well as technical senior and executive positions, and we also assist in digital supervisory board searches.


We inspire our clients to think differently and to work on a sustainable future together. We achieve this by defining a number of stages of digital maturity and set the stages to the right kind of leadership and to the relevant team.

We are the proud founders of the Digital Transformers Awards, Online Tuesday and the Newpeople Executive Study Tour, to name a few. These have taken place in Silicon Valley, China and Israel amongst others. This is our way of bringing different knowledge together in order to remain up to date regarding market trends and developments.


From our vision on the different types of digital leadership, it follows that we work together with our clients to define the kind of leadership needed depending on the stage of transformation the company is in and to examine the challenges that come coupled with this. We offer advice on the design and diversity of the (digital) teams, which is also based on our vision.

We help our clients with the advantages of innovative and inclusive search strategies as well as offering a unique insight into the market.

Core values

Newpeople has the values of transparency and cooperation at its core; an open book so to speak. These core values are at the heart of all cooperation with clients:

Dedicated “We go all the way and beyond”

Genuine “We are like best mates: open, honest and direct and we vouch for each other”

Offbeat “Off the beaten track, authentic and always challenging the status quo”

Happy “We create fun, a little weirdness and make others part of it”


We may be looking for you for our clients! Below is a small selection of vacancies and interim assignments.

Consultant Interim Solutions
40 hours

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