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In depth: a conversation with Dolf Kos.

20 November 2023

Read our conversation with Dolf Kos, a passionate entrepreneur in the world of online marketing and the new CEO of Newpeople. In this blog, he shares his journey, experiences, and plans for the future. “Entrepreneurship has always been a passion of mine,” Dolf says enthusiastically. With more than two decades of experience, he has built a rich history in the dynamic digital landscape.

The signature is set:

November 1, 2023: the day former owner Ben Holewijn symbolically handed over the keys to the new CEO Dolf Kos. This moment, where Ben passed the company on to the next phase, is described by Dolf as an emotional and moving moment: “It’s like letting go of a child growing up and entering a new phase of life.” He acknowledges that this transfer does not mean Ben’s involvement ends; on the contrary, it marks the beginning of a new, shared chapter in which Ben continues as an advisor.

With fresh energy, Dolf looks forward to a reinvention of Newpeople: “We want to grow, not only in size but also in impact,” says Dolf. “I want people to look at Newpeople and think: something special is happening there.” His vision includes creating a dynamic environment where innovation and human connections come together.

Allow me to introduce:

Dolf Kos, 43 years old, is a proud father and lives with his wife and four children in Huizen. In his first week as the new CEO of Newpeople, he already enjoys the energetic work atmosphere, a good cup of black coffee, and the beautiful view from the REM island. As a boat owner and water enthusiast, this location is ideal for him: “I don’t know if there is a more beautiful office than this. Everywhere around you is water, movement, activity. In short: ‘Inspiration!”

Dolf is no stranger to new leadership. He founded his own company in 2002: “My focus has always been on applying online marketing, with Google Ads as my growth accelerator,” Dolf shares. This affection for digital still runs as a common thread through his career.

After this venture, Dolf worked as a freelancer for some time. He has worked for well-known names such as Feenstra, NCOI BeterBed, Heineken, and D-reizen. Afterward, in 2018, Dolf decided to start his own business again: the Sales Marketing Group. “It was a time of hard work, many events, and building connections between freelance experts,” Dolf recalls. During this period, he not only developed his business but also his personal leadership, gaining valuable experiences and insights.

A new chapter:

Since November 1, 2023, Dolf has been the new CEO of Newpeople. And he is no stranger here: “I owe my first, third, and fourth job to Newpeople.” In his own experience with Newpeople as an interim, he knows the company from the candidate’s side. As a frequent guest of Freelance Connecting Fridays, he saw Newpeople as an organization where the person comes first. Dolf calls Newpeople: “I had a very good feeling about it: human and correct in communication. A company that is committed to beautiful initiatives: something I definitely want to continue at Newpeople.”

With this takeover, Dolf envisions significant growth. Especially the position Newpeople holds in the digital domain is something that appeals to Dolf. His goal is to make Newpeople the Executive Search and Interim Solutions agency in the digital world.

The vision for Newpeople:

“Together, we must ensure an organization that buzzes and flourishes. We will organize inspiring events and build a team that maintains customer relationships with enthusiasm,” says Dolf determined. He looks forward to not only increasing the team’s size but also the impact of Newpeople on the digital recruitment landscape.

While Dolf prepares to lead Newpeople to new heights, his commitment to entrepreneurship and digital growth remains unwavering. “It’s all about determination, growth, and embracing change,” he concludes. His inspiring journey attests that entrepreneurship is not just about creating companies but also shaping the future of the digital world.

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