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Knowledge session 2: The added value of a Board at scale-ups

Event date: 9 December 2021

Creating a supervisory board for your scale-up comes with a lot of questions. Why is a board important? When do you install a board for a start-up or scale-up? How do you install such a board?

On the other side of things, there are also a lot of questions lingering with the board members: How can I add value as a board member? How can I support the scale-up in facilitating growth? When am I effective as a board member?

Online event: The added value of a Board at scale-ups

During the online webinar on Thursday, December 9 (4 PM – 5.30 PM) we will bring these two perspectives together and explore topics such as the value of a board for a scale-up, what you can contribute as a board member, and the ‘ how’ and ‘when’ of installing a board. Several speakers will speak and there will be room for Q&A.

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ScaleUpNation and Newpeople will work together in the coming two years and organise a series of events about the impact of (digital) leadership at a scale-up.

Within the context of One Single Hub, a government initiative to strengthen the ecosystem surrounding scale-ups, ScaleUpNation has combined forces with a number of leading parties in the market. OneSingleHub was started by the Dutch government (Ministry of Economic Affairs) and is executed by the Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO). The goal is to combine regional forces and start-ups and scale-ups in an effective and efficient way. In this way the government hopes to obtain a top 5 position in the world for the Dutch start-up and scale-up ecosystem. By facilitating proven successful regional programmes, they have a national effect, thereby strengthening the Netherlands’ competitive and innovative position.


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