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Newpeople is a proud partner of JINC

1 July 2021

For equal opportunities on the labor market for all children.

Like JINC, we believe that background should not determine your future. That is why we are a partner of JINC.

In the Netherlands, hundreds of thousands of children grow up in neighborhoods with a lot of poverty and few role models. With different qualities and talents as peers, they are often less likely to develop.

Newpeople is a proud partner of JINC, an organization that helps young people in the Netherlands to have a better chance on the labor market, also developed who grow up in neighborhoods with an economic disadvantage. JINC fights for a society in which a person’s background does not determine his or her future.

Newpeople has been contributing financially since 2017 to make the JINC projects possible and to make employees available as volunteers, for example as a trainer in job application training or as a coach at lightning internships. Experience shows that the expertise of professionals inspires young people and stays up to date and that contact with the professionals gives them self-confidence and insight into their own qualities.

About JINC

Every child has talent. More than 600,000 Dutch children grow up in an environment with a lot of unemployment and few role models. JINC helps children aged 8 to 16 to get a good start on the labor market. Through the JINC program they get acquainted with all kinds of professions, they discover the work of their talents and they learn to apply for jobs. For example, JINC gives annually more than 65,000 primary and pre-vocational secondary students the opportunity to grow.

JINC was founded in 2003 as an initiative against poverty and decay in Amsterdam Nieuw-West. More than 16 years later, they have grown into a national organization with more than 500 partners in business and education.

Information about JINC can be found on their website.


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