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Talent Management Excellence: Reflections from the Executive Connect

2 July 2024

The Practice of Talent Management.

How to Bridge Generation Gaps.

The Company Culture as a Foundation.

The influence of AI.

3 lessons from Remko Verheul’s Keynote on effective talent management:

  1. Ensure you methodically map out the talents of your team members. Create a list of key talents within your team and actively engage with them. Repeat this process regularly to maintain a clear understanding of the existing talent.
  2. Be open to repositioning underperformers. This may involve assigning them a different role within the organization where they can thrive better, or in some cases, parting ways to maintain overall performance standards.
  3. Don’t forget to give attention to loyal employees, the backbone of your organization. It’s important to recognize not only top performers but also those who consistently contribute to the organization’s success.

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