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The unprecedented opportunities and dangers of People Analytics and AI.

26 June 2023

Recently Newpeople hosted a special roundtable led by Marc Salomon, Dean Amsterdam Business School & Professor in Decision Science, and Corinne Boon, Associate Professor at the University of Amsterdam Business School. We would like to thank them very much for facilitating this inspiring meeting where HR Directors from different organizations came together to explore the fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and discuss how it can impact their field.

Dealing with AI tools and limited data reflection

One of the key issues that emerged during this roundtable was how to deal with AI tools when the data used or underlying data does not reflect all aspects of applicant or employee behavior or performance. This dilemma triggered a lively discussion in which different perspectives were shared.

Balancing efficiency and human diversity

Participants recognized the potential of AI to improve the efficiency and accuracy of HR processes. However, they unanimously agreed that it is critical to avoid AI tools leading to a narrow and one-sided view of employees. They stressed the importance of implementing systems that reflect human diversity and complexity.

One approach that was widely endorsed was using AI as a supporting tool in the decision-making process, rather than making automated decisions based on AI alone. Here, human judgment remains an indispensable link, ensuring that important contextual factors and individual circumstances are considered.

Data collection and employee motivation

Another crucial topic discussed was collecting data from employees and its effect on their motivation and engagement. While it is important to gather valuable insights, HR Directors cautioned that an excessive focus on data risks making employees feel controlled. The right balance must be struck between collecting data and ensuring employee privacy and autonomy.

Human engagement and AI implementation

In line with this discussion, the dilemma of whether human interference is desirable in the use and implementation of AI in organizations arose. While AI has tremendous potential to improve decision-making and increase efficiency, HR Directors agreed that it is important to maintain human involvement. The human touch can add value to the process by bringing in empathy, intuition and creativity that cannot always be replicated by AI.

AI as a powerful ally for HR

The HR Directors saw AI as an opportunity to free up more time for HR’s strategic role. By automating administrative processes, HR can focus on creating a positive work culture, developing talent and driving innovation within organizations. AI was not seen as a threat, but rather as a powerful ally.

This meeting was an inspiring experience for all attendees. It gave them the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas on the impact of AI on HR processes. It highlighted the importance of finding the right balance between technology and human engagement. If we integrate AI wisely and ethically into our organizations, it can pave the way for a future where HR Managers can thrive in their strategic role while maintaining a human-centered approach. Let’s embrace the power of AI and continue our journey to a better workplace of tomorrow!

Of course, this blog was written with the help of AI 🙂


For more information contact Marije Boon at marije.boon@newpeople.nl or 06 43 76 28 01.


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