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We welcome René Lamein as Director of Interim Solutions.

8 July 2024

We are delighted to introduce René Lamein as our new Director of Interim Solutions at Newpeople. René brings a wealth of experience in marketing, coaching, training, management, and sales. As Director of Interim Solutions, he is the primary point of contact for both clients and freelancers.

In this blog, you will get to know René better as he shares his background, initial experiences, and his vision for the Interim Solutions department at Newpeople.

My first impressions were excellent. There is a lot of enthusiasm within the Interim Solutions department, and there are many opportunities to take on and innovate, which makes the work energetic. I applied for this position and, after a series of careful discussions with the management, we reached an agreement.

In my previous role as Country Manager, my responsibilities were very diverse, including coaching, training, and selecting people. These activities align well with what Newpeople does. One specific challenge I encountered was the urgent need to find a solution for a client. We addressed this with effective task distribution and continuous communication within the team, which led to a timely solution for the client.

It all starts with ‘humanity’—empathizing with both the professional and the client. During conversations, I try to bring out the best information and knowledge so that there is a clear assignment and the freelancer knows what to expect. This ensures good matches.

Tyno is absolutely right: events generate positive energy among attendees. As hosts, we open ourselves up, which positively affects the overall perception of Newpeople. During these events, it is easier to engage in conversations and connect, leading to valuable discussions and knowledge sharing.

Innovation is crucial for Newpeople. My role is to optimize current processes and closely follow developments, especially in the field of AI. There are significant opportunities in further building our brand recognition among clients. Although we have been around for 18 years, that doesn’t mean we can rest on our laurels. No, we actively continue to promote our name, not only within our current customer base but also with a focus on expanding our network. The challenge lies in achieving the most effective results in a short period. The current plan is designed to do just that, allowing us to continually move closer to our goals.


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