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3 reasons for attracting someone on an interim basis

22 November 2022

Every phase of digital maturity in which an organisation finds itself, comes with its own specific challenges. Every (digital) question demands a certain kind of expertise and a certain type of person. As soon as a picture of the situation has been painted, it is examined how to give shape to it. Often the first idea that comes to mind is hiring someone for a permanent position. But, sometimes attracting an ad interim specialist/manager/director is much more sensible. The points below pertain to specialist and hands-on assignments but also to assignments on a managerial, directorial and C-level.

1. The most urgent (digital) question is answered quickly

Sometimes the (digital) challenge that an organisation faces is so urgent that it can’t wait. A freelancer can usually start within 1-2 weeks, is used to working independently, and doesn’t need as much time to settle. This means that the most urgent (digital) question can quickly be solved by someone working on an interim basis.

Illness, someone quitting their job or maternity leave are also reasons for hiring someone on an interim basis. In these cases, the person in the interim role will not work on new projects or questions, but it is urgent to hire someone for the role nonetheless.

In larger organisations, budget also tends to play a role. Sometimes, for the question at hand, there is simply no budget to hire someone for a permanent position, but there is a budget to hire someone on an interim basis. This is demonstrated by the corona crisis of the past two years where many companies implemented a hiring stop, but this stop did not apply to many interim roles. The economic climate thus also plays a role in the extent to which organisations can, and dare to, take risks.

2. A specialist and critical outlook

An ad interim specialist, manager or director looks at the organisation and the problem at hand with a different outlook. Because of their varied work experience for different clients, the person working on an interim basis is able to use the knowledge and expertise acquired to give correct advice or to execute a project.

Because an ad interim specialist often is so specifically specialised and/or has such specific experience, they are able to make a plan tailored to the organisation. Someone working on an interim basis who is good at it, challenges the “status quo” and asks critical questions in order to further the organisation. What is the real challenge that is being faced? What is the desired result?Aside from this, the person working on an interim basis will provide a solution that is fitting to the (digital) question at hand.

An ad interim specialist/manager/director brings specific and specialised knowledge with them. This knowledge is invaluable and is transferable to the rest of the organisation. This also means that employees can grow and, eventually, that the whole organisation can grow.

3. Possible to bridge the gap until someone can be found for a permanent position

It takes time to conduct a good search process and find someone suitable for a permanent position; it can take around three months. If the (digital) question is very pressing, an interim specialist, manager or director can help bridge the gap by mapping out the most urgent activities and ensuring that the person who is eventually hired for the permanent position can immediately start. The person working on an interim basis, can be involved in the process of search and selection to ensure that the person who is hired for the permanent position can settle in well and that everything can be transferred to them seamlessly. This means the new employee can be up and running more quickly because the person doing the interim job has done some “pre-work”. Someone working on an interim basis also does the necessary daily tasks and activities so that the work does not pile up.

Sometimes the (digital) question is not entirely clear yet and there might still be more questions surrounding it. A freelance expert can help by defining and specialising the question, to define the profile that fits this. Sometimes research conducted by an interim expert finds that it is necessary to search for a different kind of profile than was previously thought. Because of this careful analysis, it is clear which expectations and responsibilities the new permanent position holds.


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