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NBD Biblion

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  • 1970 Founded in
  • ERP Platform
  • Digital transformation of library services Leader in


NBD Biblion

NBD Biblion has been at the forefront of innovation in the library world for more than half a century. Founded in 1970, it has championed the promotion of reading and supported public and school libraries with a wide range of services and solutions.

With the merger with Biblion in 2003, NBD Biblion took a significant leap in broadening their market and strengthening their innovative power. Their approach is firmly rooted in the passion for knowledge and literature, and this is reflected in the organizational culture in which 170 employees are committed to creativity, innovation and collaboration.

NBD Biblion has emerged as an essential force for education and personal growth, believing that access to information and inspiration is a fundamental right for everyone. In the evolution of their services, they have not only adapted to the digital age, but also transformed the way libraries function, integrating digitization and data analytics into their core processes.

Current management faces the challenge of continuously innovating services and ensuring scalability and professionalization. Their goal is to align their offerings and processes with the changing needs of libraries and their users. Here, the emphasis is on developing a demand-driven collection, achieving sustainable operations and carrying out their social role.

To meet these challenges, NBD Biblion has established a roadmap for the coming years. The Marketing & Sales Manager plays a key role in realizing these plans, including developing the ERP platform to streamline business processes, leveraging data analytics for customer insights, and strengthening market position through innovative marketing strategies. Renewal of a twenty-two-year-old custom ERP for an international market standard ERP

The new Marketing & Sales Manager will be responsible for leading NBD Biblion through this phase of digital renewal. This person will develop strategies for enhancing digital services, strengthening customer relationships and building the B2B and B2C proposition. With a focus on both long-term strategy and day-to-day operations, the ideal candidate will ensure clear execution of plans that are secured and supported throughout the organization.


As the new Manager of Marketing & Sales at NBD Biblion, Ruben Derakhshan brings a fresh and dynamic approach to the organization. With more than seven years of experience in marketing and sales and an impressive background in digital strategies, Ruben is well positioned to lead NBD Biblion in this crucial phase of digital innovation. His role will be crucial in developing effective marketing strategies and sales initiatives aimed at expanding NBD Biblion’s digital service offerings.

Ruben will focus on enhancing NBD Biblion’s digital product portfolio, leveraging his expertise in data analytics and e-commerce. This includes developing content development strategies, analyzing and optimizing digital revenue models, and strengthening relationships with both current and new customers. His approach is to put the customer at the center of all NBD Biblion’s digital initiatives, serving as a bridge builder between the customer and internal teams.

As part of NBD Biblion’s management team, Ruben will also play a key role in the strategic direction of the organization. His responsibilities include developing a long-term strategy for commercial growth, improving brand awareness and achieving the ambitious growth targets.



The leadership most suited for success in this phase is characterized by:

  • Focus on achieving first results
  • Forerunner with knowledge, experience and best practices; has bruises
  • Already has P&L / broad business responsibility, to the fundamentals well
  • Is curious, not afraid of failure, can deal with uncertainty, reflectively dares to ask for feedback, dares to take risks
  • Data-savvy
  • Someone separate from the organization with a fresh outlook and no attachment to old structures / payment models etc.
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