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The Employment Group

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The Employment Group

The Employment Group (TEG) is an innovative platform consisting of 4 different companies, each specialised in the staffing industry. These companies’ main focus is connecting professionals to clients in specific segments of the market.

Each of the separate companies functions autonomously within its own market. As a part of TEG, they benefit from the scale and from centralised knowledge development and innovation. All the while, entrepreneurship is still a core value in the companies themselves. In this way, TEG helps facilitate the individual companies’ growth regarding the widening and strengthening of their individual propositions. At the same time, TEG supports the companies in their joint ambition to be a frontrunner in the field of innovation and digitalisation.

To make these ambitions a reality, it is crucial for TEG to create a solid foundation now on which to build further growth.

This happens internally in the field of culture & organisation (decentralised management), operational excellence (efficient processes and optimal cooperation between the different companies), and the IT platform (best in class systems).

To enlarge the expertise in operational excellence and digitalisation (processes, people, marketing and technology) and to anchor it more within the organisation, TEG has decided to appoint a Digital Director.

Operating from the central TEG organisation and working together with companies, the goal of the Digital Director is to develop a go-to market strategy for the different labels aimed at digital marketing and technology. This connects the marketing and IT organisation more and helps break through existing silos. In conjunction with the companies, a roadmap of points of improvement will be drawn up that ensures that plans and ambitions are realised.


From an IT perspective, the Digital Director thinks about how technology can be used in several different areas and how IT can think more from the customer perspective. For example, how can the CRM system be better used to reach a conversion using automated interactions, thereby supporting consultants more in their sales activities?

From a marketing perspective, the Digital Director will focus on a greater involvement in the primary process and not just at the front (branding & campaigns). An example is a marketing automation tool for micro marketing campaigns that happen through online channels. This means the Digital Director acts as a sparring partner for the directors of the 4 companies when it comes to setting up and carrying out the roadmap.

It is crucial that the digital Director is connecting and empathetic enough to take the labels into consideration when using and improving commercial tools. As separately operating companies, the labels will have to be convinced based on results and not based on hierarchy.

Lastly, it is important for the Digital Director to increase the amount of cooperation between the labels. By continually gauging the challenges and wishes of the different companies, combining these and finding centralised solutions to these challenges, scalability between the labels will be increased.

A leader with a broad profile – with deep knowledge of and affinity for operational excellence and IT, and specific experience in the domain of (digital) marketing where customer intimacy, journey management and user experience are core values. The Digital Director is not necessarily an expert in Marketing or IT specific subject matter, but rather can make a cutting analysis of where chances are to be had by asking the right questions and really listening to label directors and consultants in the field. Using the right political sensitivity and continual incremental improvements, the Digital Director will quickly show added value.

The Digital Director has a clear vision, based on “outside-in” thinking. Someone that has a feel for the balance between creating a sense of urgency to renew and personal focus in guiding the organisation in this. He/she is a real connector and communicates easily, openly and transparently with everyone in the organisation.

The Digital Director is pragmatic, data-driven and operates autonomously. Other people see him/her as inspiring. He/she is also very much action-oriented, full of initiative, thinking in solutions and has a high level of energy.



The leadership most suited for success in this phase is characterized by:

  • Servant leadership – facilitation, direction giving, non-hierarchical, based on trust
  • Inventing yourself and the organisation over and over again, wanting to keep learning – leadership with question marks instead of exclamation marks
  • Fully agile and multidisciplinary, creating a network organization
  • Extreme degree of outside-in thinking and focus on innovation – continuously measuring and adjusting everything
  • Ensuring agility of the organization and digital transformation from all over ecosystem companies
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